Smart Apps for the Smart Ophthalmologists

Dr. Rwituja Thomas, Dr Rohit Rao and Dr Ashwin Mohan

Since the dawn of the smart-phone era, medicos of all specialties have had various apps at their disposal; either for educational purposes or simply as a clinical tool to be used in their outpatient departments. In the field of ophthalmology, we have a wide variety of apps designed for functions ranging from auto-refractometry to learning how to create a continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis. There are multiple apps that many of may still not have heard of or got around to using, so we have highlighted them for easy reference.


eyetubeEye-tube provides free digital access to the world’s largest online surgical video archive dedicated to ophthalmologists. It delivers more than 3,000 videos and is the only online archive of fully narrated ophthalmology videos. Eyetube offers eye care professionals an expansive range of multimedia content covering seven ophthalmic subspecialties as well as symposia, roundtable discussions, product descriptions and interactive discussion boards. Dedicated sections are provided for specialists in cataract and refractive surgery, retina, cornea, glaucoma, oculoplastics and laser vision correction. The library also includes as extensive collection of cutting-edge videos in ophthalmology practice management and breaking news video coverage of major ophthalmology professional meetings and conventions.

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Eye Emergency Manual:

eye emergencyDesigned by the New South Wales Agency for clinical innovation, this app is a blessing for on-call residents and casualty physicians who are faced with an eye related emergency. They have provided the basic information regarding history, examination and immediate management to be undertaken in case of common ophthalmic emergencies such as central retinal artery occlusion (CRAO) and acute congestive glaucoma (ACG).

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medscapeA popular app used by doctors of all specialties, Medscape provides us with concise material on almost every condition that an ophthalmic surgeon needs to know about. They sort the information into relevant categories such as Etiology, Clinical features, Diagnostic modalities and Prognosis. Easy to sign up for and free access make it a popular go-to app for all residents and consultants alike.

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UpTo Date

uptodateOne of the most widely used apps in the western world, this app provides us with extensive “up-to-date” and evidence based teaching. The only drawback being that it is a paid app; however with institutional subscriptions, a large number of doctors can get access to it at a nominal rate. As it is updated regularly by clinicians of the various super- and sub-specialties, the information provided by the app never goes obsolete.

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ESCRS EuroTimes:

eurotimesEach issue offers in-depth features on the latest news in ophthalmology with reports and analysis from the major ophthalmic meetings including ESCRS, ASCRS, AAO, WOC, EURETINA, EuCornea and the EGS. You will also find the latest Industry News in their regulars section which also includes book reviews, travel articles and features on research and young ophthalmologists. Euro times also features video case studies and has new video interview section Eye Contact where key opinion leaders discuss the latest hot topics.

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Ophthalmic Instruments and devices

Ophthalmic Instruments is a big collection of images of various ophthalmic instruments and devices organized basing to the procedure.

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Smart Optometry:

smart optometryFor those who have started a small private setup or those practicing in the peripheries, this app is a big boon. Every clinician does not have access to optometrists or the variety of paraphernalia that they require. This app provides us access to basic tests that can be performed in the OPD such as Ishihara’s color vision chart, Worth-4-dot test and the Snellen’s visual acuity chart testing.

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 Contrst Sensitivity Test

This is an easy office method to evaluate whether a patient has any difficulty in identifying letters of varying contrast.

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Netra Autorefractometer

This is a smartphone-powered app used to determine the refractive error and interpupillary distance of the eyes. This helps to prescribe glasses and provides an aid for ophthalmologists to perform retinoscopy.

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A very easy and reliable utility app for evaluating free-hand reference markings for Toric IOL implantation.

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eyehandbookThe Eye Handbook is a smartphone diagnostic and treatment reference tool for anyone involved in Eye care. This application is almost a virtual call bag. You can use it for acuity testing, fixation targets for children, color vision testing or as an Optokinetic nystagmus (OKN) drum, all under just the testing heading! This app also offers instant access to an atlas of ophthalmic photographs, a quick reference manual, calculators for glaucoma risk and, conversion to and from logMAR, just to name a few of its best features. Did I mention it’s free?

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Ullman Indirect

UllmanUllman Indirect is a smartphone fundoscopy app. Using this app users can capture fundus photographs. Designed by Michael Ullman, the app claims to improve retinal imaging for the underserved communities where standard photography is not available. The app has features like controlling brightness of the image, cropping (IOS version), Reducing the glare by controlling exposure, improved focusing and video recording of the fundus images.

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EON 3D Human eye:

This is can be used as a tool in the office to explain to patients various procedures based on the structure of the eye. It provides a 3D reconstruction of the eyeball and gives the patients an idea of what exactly a procedure does and which part it acts on.

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Amsler grid:

This is a useful home-based tool for patients who have been advised to monitor their symptom of visual distortion in conditions such as central serous chorioretinopathy(CSCR) and age related macular degeneration (ARMD).

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Eye exercises:

This app has been used for patients who suffer from a difficulty in accommodation and convergence. They train the eyes with the help of various exercises as well as train eyes for seeing at night, in those who have difficulty seeing at night.

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Amblyopia games and Lazy Eye Exercises by Duovision ©:

This app was developed to help stimulate the eyes with amblyopia and is a home based exercise. The aim of this app is to provide enjoyable games which help to overcome the suppression and improve the binocularity of vision.

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Ophthalmic Practice App

Ophthalmic Practice AppThe Heidelberg Engineering Ophthalmic Practice app supports eye care professionals in educating patients about OCT examinations. Eye care professionals can use this interactive app to demonstrate the importance of OCT imaging for viewing the anatomy and function of the eye and as an early diagnostic tool for eye diseases such as glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration or impaired vision of unknown origin.

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RwitujaDr. Rwituja Thomas is an alumnus of St. John’s Medical College and graduated in 2015 after being adjudged the Best Outgoing Student and won the Best MBBS Student award in 2013. She holds a university rank in Physiology, Biochemistry and Ophthalmology. She won the best Post-graduate forum award at the Karanataka Ophthalmic Society conference. She is currently pursuing her post-graduation at Narayana Nethralaya, Bangalore.

AshwinDr. Ashwin Mohan is a vitreo-retina consultant and is also a PhD Scholar in Maastricht University, Netherlands. He is involved in setting up the CAFX Atlas. He has completed MBBS from Sion Hospital, Mumbai, DNB from Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai and fellowship in Vitreo-retina from Narayana Nethralaya, Bangalore and RGUHS. He has received the Gold Medal in Neuro-ophthalmology in 2012 in Sankara Nethralaya. He has published a number of peer reviewed articles in the field of retinal oximetry and presented at various national and international meetings and is also a reviewer for international journals and has authored chapters in post graduate text books. He has a keen interest in retinal imaging and has also worked with institutes like IIT Madras and IISc as a retinal expert

Rohit RaoDr Rohit Rao, completed MBBS from JNMC Wardha Maharashtra in the year 2010. Done MS ophthalmology from JSS MEDICAL COLLEGE Mysore Karnataka in 2015. Underwent long-term fellowship in IOL and Anterior segment under the guidance of Dr Kalpana  Narendran at Aravind eye hospital Coimbatore in 2017.He underwent short term DCR fellowship from Shankara eye hospital Coimbatore under Dr Shruti Tara. Presently he is working as an Anterior Segment surgeon and oculoplasty consultant At Shri Ganesh Vinayak eye hospital, Raipur Chhattisgarh. He has quite a few National and International papers , videos and e-posters under his name. He has been very much involved in training new surgeons at Shri Ganesh Vinayak eye hospital Raipur Chhattisgarh.