Various eye signs associated with Thyroid Eye Disease

Dr. Rohit Rao


Abadie's sign = Elevator muscle of upper eyelid is spastic.
Ballett's sign = Paralysis of one or more EOM
Beck's sign = Abnormal intense pulsation of retina's arteries
Boston's sign =Jerky movements of upper lid on lower gaze
Coweh's sign = Extensive hippus of consensual pupillary reflex
Darlimple's sign =Upper lid retraction
Enroth's sign = Oedema of the lower lid
Gifford's sign =Difficulty in eversion of upper lid.
Goldzieher’s sign = Deep injection of conjunctiva, especially temporal
Griffith’s sign = Lower lid lad on upward gaze
Hertoge's sign = Loss of  eyebrows laterally
Jellinek's sign = Superior eyelid folds is hyperpigmented
Joffroy’s sign = Absent creases in the fore head on upward gaze.
Jendrassik's sign = Abduction and rotation of eyeball is limited also
Knies’ sign = Uneven pupillary dilatation in dim light
Kocher's sign = Spasmatic retraction of upper lid on fixation
Loewi's sign = Quick Mydriasis  after instillation of 1:1000 adrenaline

Mann's sign = Eyes seem to be situated at different levels because of tanned skin.
Means’= Increased scleral show on upgaze(globe lag)
Moebius's sign = Lack of convergence
Payne-Trousseau’ = Dislocation of globe
Pochin’= Reduced amplitude of blinking
Riesman’s = Bruit over the eyelid
Movement's cap phenomenon = Eyeball movements are performed difficultly, abruptly and incompletely
Rosenbach's sign = Eyelids are animated by thin tremors when closed
Saiton's sign= Frontalis contraction after cessation of levator activity
Snellen-Rieseman's sign= When placing the stethoscope's capsule over closed eyelids a systolic murmur could be heard
Stellwag's sign= Incomplete and infrequent blinking
Suker's sign = Inability to maintain fixation on extreme lateral gaze
Tellas's sign = Inferior eyelid might be hyperpigmented
Topolanski's sign= Around insertion areas of the four rectus muscles of the eyeball a vascular band network is noticed and this network joints the four insertion points.
von Graefe's sign= Upper lid lag on down gaze
Wilder's sign= Jerking of the eye on movement from abduction to adduction


Dr. Rohit Rao





Dr Rohit Rao, completed MBBS from JNMC Wardha Maharashtra in the year 2010. Done MS ophthalmology from JSS Medical College Mysore Karnataka in 2015. Underwent long-term fellowship in IOL and Anterior segment from Aravind Eye Hospital Coimbatore in 2017.