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POWERPOINT Gallery of Ophthalmology


Amblyopia by Dr. Sonia Singh

Anatomy of the Lens by   Anmol Naik

Bacterial Conjunctivitis by Dr. Vaibhav Sharma

In Vivo Confocal Microscopy by Dr Rohit rao

Principles of corneal suturing by DR. Pramod Kumar

Corneal Topography by Dr. Bhairavi Raut

Vitrectomy in Children By Dr. Sunil Zanak

Lasers and Newer Treatment Modalities in Glaucoma by Dr.  Swati Gupta

Optic Neuritis Treatment Trial by Vijay Joshi

Pediatric Cataract by Dr. Nadisha Puri

Peripheral fundus & its disorders by Dr Rohit Rao

Phacodynamics by Dr.Vaibhav Sharma

Retinopathy of prematurity   by Dr Rohit Rao

Scleral Buckling by  Dr. Swati Gupta

Traumatic Hyphema and Glaucoma by Dr Rekha Khandelwal

Uveitis Investigations & Treatment by Dr Rohit Rao

Vitreous Substitutes by Sasya Ravuri

Classification of uveitis by Dr. Swati  Gupta

Clinical anatomy of the orbit by Dr. Gunjan Pokhrel

Clinical evaluation of a case of proptosis by Dr. Shilpa sood

Diabetic retinopathy Dr. Pankaj  P. Muttepawar,   

Gene therapy in ophthalmology by Dr. Sasya Ravuri

Introduction to visual field testing by Dr. Mohamed Nagy Elmohamady

Anatomy & physiology of lacrimal secretion & outflow   by Dr Rohit Rao

Ocular changes in pregnancy by Dr Ankur Gupta

Current options in management of   optic neuritis by Dr. Pankaj P. Muttepawarm.

Mechanical globe trauma Dr. Koushik Sargod

Pupillary reactions and its abnormalities by Dr. Aparna Dwibedy

Recent advances in glaucoma surgery by Dr Swapnil .S. Gavit

Trolley preparation and instruments for cataract surgery by Dr. Girish S Budhrani

Vitreous substitutes by Dr. Ravi .B  

Phacodynamics by Dr. Pranjal  Kumar  Chutia.

Tear Film & Dynamics by Dr Vijay Joshi   GMC Haldwani

Assessment of a case of strabismus by Dr. Rohit Rao

Physiology Of  Aqueous Humor by Dr. Rohit Rao

Theories & Anomalies Of Accommodation   by Dr. Rohit Rao

Thyroid Eye diseases by Dr. Rohit Rao

Vision 2020 by Dr Anu Malik

Chemical burns by Dr Parul Jain

Anatomy of sixth nerve by Dr. Bhavik Panchal

Corneal dystrophy by Dr. Sumanta Kumar Bera

Diabetic macular oedema by Dr. Mohamed Nagy Elmohamady

Gene therapy for ocular diseases by Dr. Manbir Singh

Optic disc evaluation by Dr. Ruchi 

Papilloedema by Dr. Rajeev P. Chitgopekar

Status of pg medical education in ophthalmology by Dr. Jainendra Rahud

Recurrent corneal erosion syndromes by Dr Shruti Lanjewar

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