Powerpoint Presentations on Glaucoma

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Optic disc evaluation in glaucoma by Dr. Chandrima Paul mobile

Neovascular Glaucoma by Dr. Mark Werner mobile

Lasers and Newer Treatment Modalities in Glaucoma by Dr.  Swati Gupta mobile


Traumatic Hyphema and Glaucoma by Dr Rekha Khandelwal mobile

Introduction to visual field testing by Dr. Mohamed Nagy Elmohamady mobile

Recent advances in glaucoma surgery by Dr Swapnil .S. Gavit mobile

Visual field evaluation by Dr. Ankur Gupta mobile

Glaucoma awareness for general masses by Neha Mohan mobile

Medical Management of Glaucoma: Anti-glaucoma drugs and medical therapy by Dr. Anmol Naik mobile

Automated perimetry by Dr.Prashant Priyadarshi mobile

Gonioscopy by Dr. Jainendra Rahud Dr. Sonal Rahud mobile

Steroid induced glaucoma by Dr Vishnu Ghonsikar

LASER treatment for Glaucoma by Dr Ojaswita Singh mobile


Target IOP in Glaucoma by Dr. Yasfir Bashir mobile

Advances in management of POAG by Dr.Nipamjyoti Das

Glaucoma by Dr.Parthopratim Dutta Majumder

Intraocular pressure by Dr.Parthopratim Dutta Majumder mobile

Medical management of OAG by Dr.Parthasarathi Gayan

Visual Field by Dr Rajat Jain mobile

Congenital Glaucoma by Dr Pranab Sikdar

Neovascular Glaucoma by Dr Hima Bindu mobile

Surgical management of POAG by Dr.Haimanti Choudhury

Congenital glaucoma by Avantika Verma mobile

Optic Nerve Head Evaluation in Glaucoma  by Dr Laltanpuia Chhangte mobile

Optic disc evaluation by Dr. Ruchi mobile



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