Powerpoint Presentations on Neurophtalmology

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Third Nerve palsy by Dr. Soumya Roy mobile

Optic Neuritis Treatment Trial by Vijay Joshi mobile

Current options in management of   optic neuritis by Dr. Pankaj P. Muttepawarm.mobile


Pupillary reactions and its abnormalities by Dr. Aparna Dwibedy mobile

Papilloedema by Dr. Rajeev P. Chitgopekar mobile

Extra ocular muscle and  syndromes related to it  by Dr. Arunava  Bandyopadhyay mobile

Congenital anomalies of Optic disc by Dr Vinnet Agarwal mobile

Optic Neuritis by Dr. Vishal Kulkarni mobile

Ischaemic Optic neuropathy by Dr Hima Bindu mobile


Binocular vision and amblyopia by Dr.Rajat Jain mobile

Pupillary pathways and its disorder by Dr.Ojaswita Singh mobile

Defects of visual pathway by Dr. Rohit Rao mobile

Papilloedema by Dr. Neetu Gagneja mobile

Ocular Myasthenia by Dr Hima Bindu mobile

Optic Nerve in Diabetes by Dr. Puspalata Agroiya mobile

Binocular vision by Dr. Dr Srikanth Narayana mobile

Inflammatory Optic Neuritis & Neuroretinitis by Vishal Kulkarni mobile

Amblyopia by Dr. Sonia Singh mobile


Assessment of a case of strabismus by Dr. Rohit Rao

Strabismus mobile

Surgical Management of Nystagmus by Dr. Anand Kumar mobile

Motor evaluation of strabismus patients by Adway Appalwar

Antomy and leisons of oculomotor nerve by Dr.Purnima Arbhanad mobile

Exodeviation by Adway Appalwar mobile

Duane’s Retraction Syndrome by Dr. Sonam Angmo Bodh mobile

Hess charting by Dr. Rohit Rao mobile

Traumatic Cataract by Dr. Sangita Basantaray mobile

Duaene Syndrome by Dr.Sutapa Roy mobile

Sutureless Strabismus Surgery by Dr.Shreya Shah

Exodeviations by Dr. Adway Appalwar mobile



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